We were instructed to prepare an underfloor heating quote for a new client along with a screed quote.   The client reported we were unsuccessful with our underfloor heating quote as AN Other Company appeared to offer a like for like installation at a lower cost.

How wrong was this?

Yes, the image from AN Other Company clearly depicts a manifold on a back panel

  • No pump
  • No mixing valve
  • No electrics



This image displays the instructions AN Other Company left at site.

It clearly stated under general notes that mixing sets are required with high temperature heat sources.

It goes on to say it is recommended to fit a circulation pump to the manifold if a mixing set is not installed to guarantee circulation through the underfloor heating loops.

The system was to be heated by a gas fired heat generator that produces high temperature, and as such would require a mixing set to blend the water temperature and a circulation pump to circulate the water within the loops of the underfloor heating system.

This beggar’s belief as in all the years we have specialised in underfloor heating we have yet to come across a system that does not require a circulating pump.

Given the size of this particular manifold the system would require a high duty pump.


Needless to say the client was misled.

The client was of the impression this installation included all necessary components.

Needless to say who did the client call in to help?